Denver Grief Counseling

About Me

I have a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver and I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (#4553).

I focus on helping people find more meaning in their lives while they are dealing with medical and mental health challenges. My approach is founded on a recognition of the important relationship between physical and mental well-being. I believe strongly in the benefits of "looking inward," reflecting on, and learning to grapple with our experience to bring about more satisfaction and fulfillment from life.

My expertise with health issues, caregiving, and grief come from working at the Colorado Blood Cancer Institute, the University of Denver's Student Health Center, Denver Health primary care clinics, and Namaste Hospice.  I also receive ongoing grief-related training from the Association for Death Education & Counseling and attend end-of-life related meditation retreats at Upaya Zen Center.  In my personal life I practice mindfulness, am an avid backpacker, and dog lover.

I welcome and attempt to create a safe place for diverse clients, including those of a non-majority race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

Dr. Adam Altschuh