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Talk to Yourself Like You Would to Someone You Love

Self compassionate people handle difficult life events (like major illness or grief) really well.  Here's a brief summary of  a comprehensive study on self-compassion and why you would likely benefit from more of it:

  • Are you having trouble engaging with an experience of grief? Self-compassion can help you effectively face the reality of your internal experience.
  • Grievers often wrestle with conflicts around responsibility, blame, and regret that lead to feeling guilty.  Self-compassion is an effective tool for managing this.
  • Are you low on self-compassion?  If so, you're likely being unnecessarily hard on yourself, viewing your behavior as worse than it would be viewed by an outside observer. 
  • Are you afraid that the worst is yet to come? Practicing self-compassion now will prepare you to more effectively handle future difficulty.

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