Community Partners

Elevated Insights Assessment provides psychological evaluation services in Denver, Colorado. They offer insight into your child’s ability to function across settings, highlighting attributes to promote while identifying areas of concern that may require intervention.  They provide Cognitive/IQ, Academic/Achievement, ADHD, Memory/Learning, Autism Spectrum, Social Emotional/Behavioral, and Child Welfare Testing.  Learn more by calling 303-756-1197 or visiting

Sasha Mizrahi, Psy.D. is a psychologist in private practice in Denver, CO. She specializes in treating individuals and couples struggling with depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. Learn more at

Alex McDermott, Psy.D. is a psychologist in private practice in Denver, CO.  She specializes in psychological testing for children and teenagers for learning disabilities, ADHD, personality, and IQ testing.  She also provides individual psychotherapy.  Learn more by calling 720-485-4194 or visiting


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