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Cancer Support

I support patients and caregivers dealing with the stress of a major chronic or terminal illness. I work with people facing cancer, Parkinson's, MS, ALS, stroke, heart failure, COPD, chronic pain, and diabetes.

Illness disrupts our lives. On a practical level, it causes physical pain, the loss of important activities (i.e."I can't do ____ anymore"), and strains relationships. On an abstract level, it brings feelings (anger, loss, anxiety, terror, etc.), can call into question how we've lived our lives, and can make us want to spend our remaining time differently.

My philosophy is similar to that of palliative care providers: to reduce your suffering and improve the quality of your life. I can teach you practical techniques to feel less pain, help you overcome difficult feelings, and enable you to live a more full and meaningful life.  I can see you at my office or in your home and be an important extra layer of support.

Whether you are facing your own illness or caregiving for someone who is, call me at 720-515-9427 and let's discuss how I can be of help.

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