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Adam Altschuh is not currently taking new clients. If you are looking for grief counseling, he recommends contacting Barb Kamlet, LPC at 720-288-0328 or If you are looking for mental health counseling, he recommends contacting Josh Burg, PsyD at 720-588-0454 or Jason Peirce, PsyD 720-645-8827.

Are you experiencing intense grief that you can't move on from?  Are you having difficulty sleeping, staying focused, or enjoying people and activities like you used to?  Do you feel less sure of yourself, overwhelmed, or numb? These are all common grief experiences.

When a fundamental person in your life goes away, you can't stay the same. You're missing the important things he or she provided, be that: a sense of order, safety, emotional support, or companionship. You may feel like you're not just losing an important person, but also important parts of yourself. You need to adapt to this loss, and yet may not feel equipped to do that on your own. I specialize in grief counseling and can help.

Most people who are grieving simply want to feel better, so I start there.  I can get you: 

  • Feeling more connected to yourself and others
  • Returning to activities you used to enjoy
  • Sleeping better
  • Feeling more emotionally stable

Once you're feeling more like yourself again, you may feel satisfied and ready to end our work. Alternatively, our conversations might reveal that to some degree you were never very satisfied with your life. I have found time and time again that when we reflect on and make sense of grief, opportunities present themselves to grow: to actually becoming happier and more fulfilled people than we ever imagined possible.

Regardless of the direction our meetings take, I work hard to ensure your grief counseling is a positive experience. From the beginning, I will help you feel at ease, supported, and understood. I will listen carefully to the specifics of your situation and suggest an individualized plan to get you on track to feeling better. Call me at 720-515-9427 and I will schedule you for a meeting within the week.

Call for a consultation 720-515-9427


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